Asbury Media provides technical customer support to corporations in the media industry. Our experienced staff provides phone, email, and online chat support for a variety of software applications. Currently providing 13 hours of daily live coverage, our team supports users in the US, EU, Asia and Australia. Services include the creation and maintenance of support web sites, the tracking of support requests via a combination of industry-standard and internally-developed systems, and the creation of automated graphical reports for management.


We provide both automated and manual testing of media software applications. Our staff includes International Software Testing Qualifiction Board-certified testers. Working closely with developers, designers, and business analysts, our team writes test scripts, performs functional testing, and creates regular reports for management. Using an internally-developed system, we track the results of each test and capture information relating to any defects found. We also use industry-standard sytems for defect tracking (JIRA), and for performing automated integration testing (Selenium/Webdriver).


As a complement to our customer support initiatives, we provide user training via a variety of media. We create videos and screencasts which explain the use of applications we support, and write user manuals and knowledge-base systems. We implement web sites which support our users via media players, contact forms, downloadable materials, and searchable databases.

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